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Integrative Health Resource||Combining the benefits of conventional medicine with other approaches that might be useful

This website aims to answer a real need for the growing numbers of people who appreciate the benefits of conventional medicine, but also wonder whether other approaches might be useful. In fact the answer isn’t always easy. When we make decisions about any kind of treatment, we want to know not just whether there is any scientific research evidence to guide us. Opinions can be helpful as well – after all, any research only begins once someone has made an interesting observation or had a hunch. So expert practitioners could also have something valuable to say. Thirdly, your own experiences, preferences and intuition are important too.

In reality though, while a huge amount of research has been done into medical treatments and pharmaceuticals – much of it backed by the big manufacturers – far less research has been funded into complementary therapies and mind-body methods such as yoga or biofeedback. So in many cases there isn’t nearly enough available to be anything like certain.

With all this in mind, the IHR sets out possible options for 40 health problems that might benefit from an integrative approach. For example, back or neck pain problems can do well with massage, or acupuncture or manipulation and relaxation techniques in combination with painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The IHR aims to help you make informed choices about a wider range of treatments. We also want to hear about your experiences – succesful or otherwise – through the IHR Community!