My Approach

Right now medical science understands the body by taking it apart. Its an approach that showed the way where infections and acute disease are concerned. But if you have a complex longterm condition it’s not just about your body chemistry: the whole person needs help.

Isolated bits don’t tell you about the complex wholes they are a part of: looking at nuts and bolts wont tell you anything about the motor they hold together! Complexity begins at the most basic level – hydrogen gas and oxygen come together and turn into something you can drink!

Research has shown that we can influence the parts by treating whole. For instance a better diet can soothe inflamed joints or improve coronary heart disease; exercise can reduce cholesterol and cure depression; relaxation techniques can make diabetes less brittle; breathing techniques can reduce blood pressure; certain kinds of meditation seems to rewire brain circuits and improve immunity; group support prolongs life after cancer diagnosis. The list goes on! Yet these discoveries are just the beginnings of scientific research into holistic approaches. Holism is the future of medicine.

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